Boot packer schedule update

There will not be boot packing tomorrow Friday December 9th. Nor will we be boot packing this weekend.

We plan to resume boot packing on Monday, December 12th and continue boot packing throughout the week. Any changes to the schedule will be posted on this website. Thanks for all your help. We will see you next week.

Powder Posse tomorrow

Greetings Boot Packers and Friends,

We have good news. And we have bad news.

The bad news:

There will not be boot packing tomorrow Saturday December 3rd.

The good news:

There will be a powder posse Saturday December 3rd.

Powder posse participant’s should plan to arrive at the base of Highland’s ready to load the lift at 10:00 am. All participants must sign a waiver.

Avalanche transceivers are required.

Helmets are also required.

Participants must be at least 18 years of age.

The powder posse will take place in Highland Bowl.

G2 to G8 will be available for skiing and riding. Participant’s may do as many laps as they choose until 2:30 pm. When participants are done for the day, they will be escorted from the top of Loge to midway, where they will download on the Exhibition lift.

Everyone is welcome.

We plan to resume boot packing Monday through Friday next week.

Boot Packing Schedule Update

We will boot pack the following days:

Monday November 21st

Tuesday November 22nd

Wednesday November 23rd

There will not be boot packing on Thanksgiving Day.

We do not yet know the schedule after Thanksgiving Day. It depends on the snowfall and the amount of boot packing we get done. We will post the schedule for future days when we make the plan.

Thanks for all your help.

Boot packing to begin

Greetings Boot Packers

We will begin boot packing on Thursday November 3rd, 2022. Please arrive at the base of Highlands and be ready to go up the lift at 8:00 am.

Boot packing is also scheduled for Friday November 4th, 2022 and Monday November 7th.

If you are planning to bootpack any of these first three days, please visit the website and click on the “bootpacking waiver” tab and follow the directions in order to agree to the boot packing waiver.

Thanks for your interest. We hope to see many of you soon.


Enhanced voucher offerings for Boot Packers

Greetings Boot Packers,

We were happy to announce more choices and benefits for boot packers at our annual boot packer meeting last week.

New this season, boot packers may choose to receive daily lift tickets instead of a season pass. Each boot packing day is worth one lift ticket. Boot packers can earn a maximum of ten transferable lift tickets.

Boot packers that volunteer 15 days are offered a Premier Pass.

New this season, Premier Passes offered to boot packers  have all of the same Premier Benefits as a regular Premier Pass. 

Premier Benefits include an Ikon Base Pass, friends and family vouchers, discounts on lessons and rentals, and more.

Also new this season, boot packing days are transferable to family and friends. Boot packers may assign their voucher credit to family and friends.

We hope to attract more boot packers with these new offerings. New this season, there is no longer a minimum number of boot packing days required in order to qualify for voucher credit. Boot packers earn voucher credit from their first day of boot packing.

Tell all your friends about the new choices. We hope to see everyone soon.

Let it Snow,