Bootpacker Update December 12th


We will be taking bootpackers tomorrow December 13th 2017 Wednesday.

Tomorrow will be the last day of bootpacking until we get a significant amount of new snow.

There is no guarantee that we will bootpack again after we are open to the public.  It will all depend on how much snow we get how soon.

Aspen Highlands opens Saturday December 16th, 2017.

Thanks for all your help.  Stop by or e-mail us if you want to cash in your voucher credit toward a pass.

Kind Regards


Bootpacker Update December 6th


The bootpacking schedule for the rest of the week:

tomorrow December 7th is off, no bootpacking.

We will bootpack on Friday December 8th.

We will be off Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.

We plan to bootpack on Tuesday December 12th.

We do not know the schedule yet beyond Tuesday.

Thanks for your help.


Bootpacker Update December 5th


After careful consideration…we have come to the conclusion that we have at least a day of productive packing after the most recent small storm.

We will take bootpackers tomorrow Wednesday December 6th.  The schedule for the rest of the week will be decided day by day.

Much of our packing will be side stepping in skis.  If any of the bootpackers that usually bring their snowboards have the ability to use skis, please bring skis in lieu of snowboards.  We will try to accomodate the bootpackers who do not have the ability to use skis,  but bring skis if at all possible.

Bootpackers that do not have skis may be asked to shovel on T-Lazy 7 catwalk.  In fact all bootpackers may be asked to shovel on T-Lazy 7 catwalk.

Thanks for all your help.


Bootpacker Update November 28th Tuesday


Bootpacking continued today and we will be taking bootpackers again tomorrow Wednesday November 29th.

Wednesday November 29th will most likely be the last day of bootpacking for this week.  Bootpacking will most likely be on hold until we receive more snow.

We will continue to update this website as we go forward.

Thanks for all of your help.

If you have completed at least 5 days and are done bootpacking, please contact us and we can get your credit entered into the system.

We do plan to do more bootpacking when we get enough more snow.

Again thank you for your efforts.



Bootpacker Update November 22nd


Today Wednesday November 22nd will be the last day of bootpacking for this week.

We plan to resume bootpacking on Monday November 27th.

The schedule beyond Monday is yet to be determined.  As always, it will depend on the weather and the snow.

We will continue to post the bootpacking schedule on this web site.

Thanks for all of your help. Have a nice Thanksgiving weekend.




We received ample snowfall from the storm to continue working.

Storm totals from the automated weather stations show between 6 and 10 inches at Cloud 9 and close to 18 inches in the North Woods.  The snow came with significant winds as well.

We will not take bootpackers on Monday November 20th in order for the patrol to perform avalanche mitigation.

We plan to take up to 50 bootpackers on Tuesday November 21st and Wednesday November 22nd.

We will not bootpack on Thanksgiving Day.

We will decide later in the week whether or not we will bootpack on Friday November 24th.

There is a small insignificant disturbance forecast for Monday.  The next chance for snow is forecast for November 28th or 29th.

Kind  Regards


We will be travelling on skis and boards for at least part of the day.  Be sure and bring the appropriate equipment,

Bootpacker Update November 16


Today  Thursday November 16 th, will be then last day for bootpacking this week.  We will not be taking bootpackers tomorrow.

A storm is forecast for Thursday night through Friday and Friday night.  We will wait and see how much snow we get and then formulate our plan for next week.

We will not bootpack this weekend.

Depending on the amount of snowfall we receive, we may need to do avalanche mitigation work before we resume bootpacking.

Stay tuned.  We will post our bootpacking plan for next week after the storm.

Thank you for your patience and thank you for all your effort.

Kind Regards


Bootpacker Update for Monday November 13th

Greetings Bootpackers

We will be bootpacking on Monday November 13th.  We can take up to 50 bootpackers per day.  Be ready to go up the lift by 8 am.  As always bring all of your gear with you, since our plans are always subject to change.  However, it is most likely on Monday we will travelling in and out of Highland Bowl on foot, ( just as we did last Tuesday).  Hiking boots or mountaineering boots may be the footwear of choice.  Transceivers are required and ski poles are recommended.

We plan to bootpack each day this coming week as long as we can be productive.  The forecast does not include much additional snow in the near future.  We anticipate we will run out of areas to bootpack at some point in time, unless with get more snow.  We think we have several days of bootpacking with the amount of snow already on the ground in the G zones.

We hope to see you Monday.



Bootpacker Update

October 30, 2017 The G zones

October 30, 2017
The G zones


A small group of patrollers has been up in Highland Bowl this week evaluating the condition of the snowpack.  The series of storms spread out over the course of the entire month of October has left enough snow for us to get started bootpacking in Highland Bowl.  The October snow has melted out at the lower elevations and in most aspects other than due North, but in many parts of the G zones there is 50 cm of snow on the ground.  We have plenty of snow to begin our bootpacking work.  The lifts should be available to get us up the mountain beginning next Tuesday.

We will have limited opportunity to bootpack this coming week, however, because of ski patroller training scheduled for several of the days. Our plan is to bootpack  only one day next week.

Tuesday November 7th bootpacking is available for 50 bootpackers on a first come first served basis.  Meet in the usual place below the escalator to sign in.  Be ready to go up the lift at 8 am.

Egress to and from the G zones has been limited and challenging during the early part of this season due to the lack of snow on many aspects and elevations.  As always bring all of your ski and snowboard equipment with you each day, but we may be travelling in just boots and gaitors and carrying our ski poles on the first day.  Conditions change day by day and so do our plans.  Be prepared for anything.

We anticipate we will get into a more regular schedule of bootpacking beginning Monday November 13th.  If all goes well and the storms cooperate, we will take 50 bootpackers per day Monday through Friday, the week of November 13th to the 17th.

All of our plans are subject to a number of variables beyond our control. This update is our best guess regarding our schedule for the next few weeks.

Continue to monitor the website for further updates and changes to the bootpacking schedule.  We look forward to seeing everyone up on the mountain very soon.

Thank you