Bootpacker schedule for week of November 26th

Greetings Bootpackers

We do not plan to bootpack over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

And we do not plan to bootpack on Monday November 26th.

There is a favorable storm forecast for Thursday night, Friday night and Saturday and Saturday night. We are hoping we will need to do avalanche mitigation work on Minday before we can resume bootpacking.  We will not know the extent of avalanche mitigation needed until after the storm.  We will formulate a bootpacking plan on Monday and we will post the plan on this website.

Thanks for all of your help so far.  We have gotten alot of packing done.  We are ready for the next storm.  Let it snow.

Stayed tuned for updates.


Bootpacking Thursday November 1st 2018

Greetings Bootpackers

We plan to bootpack tomorrow Thursday November 1st 2018.

Next week is scheduled to be a training week for the Aspen Highlands Ski Patrol.

We do not plan to bootpack at all during our training week.

After tomorrow November 1, 2018, we will most likely not bootpack for the next ten days.  We will post the schedule for bootpacking on this website when we plan to resume bootpacking.

Thank you for all of your help so far.

Kind Regards


Bootpacker plan for next week


The plan for bootpacking at Aspen Highlands next week is bootpack two days.

We plan to bootpack Tuesday October 30th 2018 and Wednesday October 31st 2018.

Most likely we will not take our skis and/or snowboards with us on these two days.

However, if we receive more new snow the plan may change.  Always have all your gear with you at bottom of the hill each day.

Be ready to go up the lift at 8 am.

Kind Regards




First Day of Bootpacking

Greeting Bootpackers

We plan to begin bootpacking tomorrow Tuesday October 23rd.

We also plan to bootpack on Wednesday October 24th.

These are the only two days we plan to bootpack this week.

Meet in the lower level below the escalator and be ready to go at 8 am.

We will most likely not take skis and/or snowboards up the hill this week.

We will be travelling in boots and walking from Highland Bowl to midway at the end of the day.  Transcievers are required as always.  Ski poles are also a good idea.

We look forward to seeing you soon.



Annual Bootpacker Meeting and Gear Swap

Highly Recommended Bootpacker Meeting and Gear Swap

When:  Wednesday October 17, 2018

Location:  Conference Room in the Locker Room Level at the base of Aspen Highlands (follow the signs).

Time:  11:00AM or 5:30PM

Greetings Bootpackers

It is time to start preparing for the 2018-19 bootpacking season.

We have scheduled our annual meeting to inform everybody about the bootpacking program, sign releases, answer questions, and buy and sell gear at the swap.  This meeting is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for all participants, even those who have participated in the past, as this is when the necessary waivers and releases are signed.  We will make the meetings as short as possible as we understand everybody has a busy schedule.

Please sign up on the web site to get your information entered into the bootpacker database for this season.


The Gear Swap

The Gear Swap is an opportunity for bootpackers to acquire some of the necessary gear at an affordable price.  We understand that things get expensive quickly and do not want this to deprive anybody the chance to bootpack.  Please come prepared to buy or sell bootpacking related gear such as avalanche transceivers, Vibram soled ski boots, warm clothes, backpacks, or anything else you think make one more comfortable when they are cold and tired.  Affordable is the key word here, if your goal is to make lots of money this may not be the proper outlet, and again only bootpacking specific gear please, this is not a general ski swap.  All gear to be sold at the swap should be dropped off by 10:00AM as it will have to be tagged to make sure you get your money at the end of the day.  All gear that does not sell has to be picked up by 6:30pm or it will be donated to the packing program.

Thanks we look forward to seeing you on October 17, 2018.


Bootpacking registration for 2018-19

Bootpacking registration for the 2018-19 season is now open.

Please click on the BOOTPACKING tab above and complete the registration form, if you are interested in bootpacking at Aspen Highlands this season.

Details about the bootpacker meeting will be posted later.

The bootpacker meeting is tenatively scheduled for Wednesday, October 17th.