Limitations on bootpacking in a pandemic

Greetings Bootpackers

Little by little the snow has finally been arriving.  We are still well below normal snowfall for this date but at least we have enough snow to get started.  However, the other main obstacle this year is the restrictions imposed by Covid-19.  The number of cases in the valley and the surrounding region remain at a high level. The more interactions each of us has, the greater the risk of being exposed to the virus.

On one hand, we want as many packers as we can get to help pack all of the starting zones quickly.  On the other hand, we want to keep our work group as small as possible to limit the number of social interactions.  We have experience dealing with the risks involved with disrupting the layers in the snow.  We do not have experience mitigating the risks associated Covid-19.

Due to the uncertainties of managing the spread of the virus, we have decided to limit the number of bootpackers, well below the number we have had in recent years.  We have invited a small group of bootpackers to help us pack in Highland Bowl.  Bootpackers that had volunteered the most number of days last season were given the first chance to return this season.  We have filled most of the available bootpacking positions from this group.

As we move forward, it may be possible that we will need more help bootpacking .  It will depend on how much snow we receive, and the timing of that snowfall.  For the time being, we plan to bootpack with the small group of volunteers that have been notified.

We appreciate everyone’s interest in our bootpacking program.  We regret not being able to accommodate everyone this season.  Before the pandemic we had hoped to expand the number of bootpackers this season.  We hope in future seasons we will be able to offer bootpacking to everyone who wants to participate.

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